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About Us


An acclaimed organization with a legacy of more than eight years. Renowned for delicacy and cuisine. Ruling over entire Karnataka with lovely breads and delectable cakes. We updated according to new wave world.
And our new venture is E-Commerce platform for online delivery of your favorite Cakes and Cookies. And here you’ll get mouthwatering cakes customized for you.We bake as per your Preferences. Your Choice is ours.
We have organic products. We don’t add preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavors, colors or aromas. We love keeping it simple. We bake healthy and nutritional products. They are less fatty. Our products are edible to all age categories.
Over the years, we never practiced unhealthy methods. So our customer’s trust grew along. We ensured quality of products. Rest is history. We became the leading company in food sector.
We thank our customers for their trust, love and joy. Thank You! For choosing us your partner in every moments. Your feedbacks kept us growing. Your reviews made every savory more charming and attractive.

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Our glorious journey started long back ago; in 2010.And we took a U-turn in Food Industry to create a historic movement. Soft breads and delicious buns were our trademark. From there we have grown ourselves to Cakes and Cookies.And now we are the leading manufacturers in Bangalore.
Yeah! In modern Era, Our backbones are Breads, Buns, Cakes and Cookies. Renewal with trends of Diet and Nutrition. We are focused on conventional sweets in unconventional ways. Special breads and buns are the fast moving products in this modern era.
ESS Multi foods have variants of food products such as buns, bread, mixture, puffs, peda, barfi, cakes. And now we have 98 products in various categories. We also undertake corporate orders. We are envisaging holding our heads high because we always assessed our quality and customer satisfaction. We are fresh and fast.

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Our Group is envisioned to mark a change in Baking. We bake to serve your happy moments.We cook incredibly to charge up you. Our Vision is to bake with love, hygiene, safe and purity. We recommend our cakes because they are safe, yummy, divine and blissful. We fulfill your minds with our tasty cookies.

  • Bake with Care
  • Feel the happiness in every minute.


  • Quality: We never compromised on Quality.
  • Trust: Trust grew with our Cookies.
  • Healthy: We bake cookies which are nutritional, less fatty and less oily.
  • Hygiene: We keep our premises clean to bake clean.


We have customized sweet boxes exclusively for our customers. We bake cookies for ambrosial people, mouthwatering cookies. We have balsamic cakes, appealing to eyes and toothsome to our mouth. Our cookies are appetizers to your mouths. Our cakes are luscious. Scrumptious products attract customers. We bake with love and care.

We bake with our secret recipes. Fresh cakes engage attention .We bake fresh cakes and cookies. Our interactions with customers are never boring.We ensure that baking happens in sterilized environment. We tackled our challenges through winning your hearts. Customer satisfaction is our goal. That’s why ESS Multifoods is leading.

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